AW: [Moin-user] IIS bad URL generation. The / should be a ?

"Höppner, Dierk" Dierk.Hoeppner at
Tue Oct 1 23:42:09 EDT 2002

Hello Troy,

> My problem it seems is the HTML that is generated by MoinMoin 
> is using a / "forward" slash between the URL filename and the 
> URL variables.  If I manually replace the / with a ? the 
> MoinMoin seems to work fine.
> First problem I had was the default page index.html that was 
> copied from the wiki\htdocs to the root of my wiki.  It had 
> an ending / "backslash" on the following line
>     <meta http-equiv="refresh" content="0;URL=moin.cgi/">
> That would cause my IIS server to generate errors.  I removed 
> the / and the default wiki page opened!  May be the Microsoft 
> URL lockdown tool causing this one.  But it was a simple fix 
> so I am not worried.  However there are more / problems with 
> my install.

What you think of as an error should be an ordinary behaviour of the
Webserver when starting a CGI script. A path after the path of the script to
be executed is called 'extra path information'. Please have a look at

I myself use Xitami on an XP machine because of the many security holes of
IIS. With this server MoinMoin runs well without any modifications.



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