[Moin-user] Installing Moin on Debian (testing)

Tim Wilson wilson at visi.com
Sun Jul 4 11:23:06 EDT 2004

On 7/4/04 11:33 AM, "dan sandler" <dan.sandler at gmail.com> wrote:

> If I try to browse to /wiki/, I get a 403 just as you do.  If I browse
> to /mywikiname I get the Moin instance.
> I'm not sure if that will be helpful, but hopefully it's a start.  How
> does your setup compare?

I'm not sure if that's comparable to a mod_python config or not. I'm
unfamiliar with mod_python at this point, but it seems like the mod_python
engine is called by the .htaccess file that I put in the wiki directory I
created under my virtual host's root directory.

It also appears that to use mod_python requires different approaches
depending on whether or not you're using a "broken" mod_python (which I am
judging by the version number in Debian's testing tree).

Another question, I suppose, is whether or not mod_python is really
necessary on a lightly used MoinMoin instance. It looks like a standard cgi
approach is easier to set up.


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