[Moin-user] Suppressing non-relevant help pages from a moinmoin wiki

David Cramer (Tech Pubs) dcramer at motive.com
Fri Jun 24 08:40:08 EDT 2005

Well, in case anybody cares, here's what I ended up doing (run from
mkdir /tmp/non-en_US-content; for file in $(ls); do if grep "#language "
$file/revisions/00000001 | grep -v "#language en" > /dev/null ; then mv
$file /tmp/non-en_US-content; fi; done

# Also move a couple that are incorrectly marked as #language en
\(27c3a9\)diteur/ /tmp/non-en_US-content/
mv "(d09fd0bed0bcd0bed189d18cd09fd0bed093d0bbd0b0d0b2d0b0d0bc)"



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Subject: [Moin-user] Suppressing non-relevant help pages from a moinmoin
	We run some moinmoins on our intranet and have them indexed by a
search appliance. The licensing of that appliance is by the number of
pages indexed, so we prefer not to index pages unnecessarily. Since we
have more than one wiki, there is the potential that each help page will
be indexed multiple times. Is there an easy way to have <meta
name="robots" content="noindex,nofollow"> added only to system pages?
Other suggestions?

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