[Moin-user] Twisted and patch-683 ?

Arp moin.askthem at gmail.com
Mon Feb 20 05:03:04 EST 2006


I'm trying to get Moin running with Twisted using the standard
packages available from the Debian Sarge on my server:
Moin 1.3.4-3,
Python 2.3.5,
python-twisted-core 2.1.0-4,
python-twisted-web  0.5.0-2

After setting things up I'm running into the exact problem described in:

Only difference is that I'm not (yet) trying to set up a farm but
using mointwisted to serve a single wiki, but the error is triggered
in the same way.

At the bottom of the page a patch is suggested (patch-683), but
following the link results in an error page from arch.thinkmo.de:
 Internal error
 Adding revision
arch at arch.thinkmo.de--2003-archives/moin--main--1.3--patch-683 to
library failed. Bad permissions or corrupt archive?
 Hint: Before reporting this problem, try to see whether debug mode
unveils something.

The patch is also listed on:
but has the same URL (and hence error).

- Is the patch available elsewhere by any chance
- Is there an alternate solution to the bug
- Is it possible/adviseable at all to run the sever partially
'unstable' with mointwisted using moin 1.5.x and perhaps python 2.4
with twisted-web or will I run into a dependency hell??

Thanks for any tips

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