[Moin-user] Mercurial setup for creating my own theme

Thomas Waldmann tw-public at gmx.de
Thu Feb 26 15:33:37 EST 2009

> I want to create a theme that lets me use MoinMoin as a small scale
> content management system. But I don't plan to publicly release my theme
> anytime soon. It's my first attempt at creating a theme and I'd like to
> concentrate on making the theme suitable for my own needs first.

Well, if you don't want to publish it, make a private repo just for your

OTOH, think about it. Obviously there is a need for such stuff. We had
"modern_cms" some time ago and maybe that just needs some update. Also,
collaborating with some other people needing the same thing is more
interesting than just working on your own.

> OK. So probably the easiest way would be to start developing the theme
> for 1.9 and make no version for 1.8. Do you have any idea when 1.9 (or
> even better 2.0) will be released? Will it take weeks, months or years?

1.9 is currently in beta, thus it is expected to be released in the next
few months. Depends a bit on what we find while beta/rc testing of

2.0 will take quite a bit longer as the storage changes planned for it
are not completed yet.

With some tweaks, you can try supporting multiple moin versions in your
theme (like 1.7/1.8/1.9). Mostly a matter of testing.

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