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Dirk Fieremans dirk.fieremans at gmail.com
Thu Mar 26 09:48:36 EDT 2009

Just thinking loud:

- what is the best way to promote your product: global mass acceptance and
use, right?
- how to reach this: ease of installation and use. Personally I don't really
like to play with OS things, packages, patching, ... (yes, I'm lazy!)
>From an enduser point of view, I really only want to use it directly. I'm
not sure whether it now takes a lot of configuration, but I'm a bit afraid
of it, given our relatively small Linux knowledge.
Take for example integration with Active Directory. I would not know where
to start, except for browsing through a lot of fora.

Suppose you could package the most important features into a .vmdk file,
where configuration of the MoinMoin engine is reduced to providing it with
an IP address, wouldn't that be great? A single page configuration manual,
with no hassle on Python, Apache,... as they come pre-configured.
We could then spend all our time on enabling the user experience (hence my
earlier question on implementation strategy). How do you start such a
project without it becoming an absolute mess...

That would be great and valuable discussions!

Regarding Debian, we mainly use a licensed RedHat Enterprise license, but as
we would like to use it as a virtual appliance, hiding the OS from us, it
can be anything...

best regards,

2009/3/26 Thomas Waldmann <tw at waldmann-edv.de>

> Hi Dirk,
> > At work, I wanted to install it properly, but we mainly have Windows
> > knowledge. I would prefer though to run it on Linux.
> I strongly recommend to use linux. The result will usually run faster,
> more stable and with less issues.
> It is also easier for some 3rd party to create VM images for it, because
> there won't be licensing and distribution problems.
> > As I lack time to play with Apache, MySQL,... it would be great if I
> > could just install a pre-configured VMWare image that contains a
> > running environment with everything on it (Python,...).
> Good idea. :)
> If the VM software authors could agree on some common disk image format,
> I guess this would be easier and more useful.
> I currently run virtualbox on my machines, but I never tried to convert
> its *.vdi to *.vmdk.
> > I have no preferences on what Linux brand is used, I only want to use
> > the MoinMoin engine to start publishing content asap.
> > Perhaps I shuld just buy some support hours and get the experts to do
> > it for me.
> You're lucky, we can offer that since a week, see:
> http://moinmo.in/Support
> Cheers,
> Thomas
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