[Moin-user] Internet Explorer doesn't save sub-page links correctly in GUI editor.

Michael Freeman mike.freeman.3832 at gmail.com
Mon May 4 09:46:12 EDT 2009

What I want to achieve is for a user to be able to create a subpage
using the GUI editor.

Using Firefox (3.0.10), the user can use the "link" button in the GUI
editor to add a link to "/subpage", and then save the changes.

Under Internet Explorer (7.0.5730.11), the user can create the
"/subpage" link, but when she saves the changes, the link becomes
"subpage".  It loses the "/" that makes it a subpage.  This is bad
because the subpage really needs to be under the parent page, to avoid
name conflicts.

Unfortunately, the user is on a thin client, so she is stuck with
whatever browser the head office decides on and installs.

Is there anyway to fix this on the moinmoin side?  Or is it a problem
endemic to IE?

Michael J. Freeman
Reserve, LA

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