[Moin-user] how does it works!

Thomas Waldmann tw at waldmann-edv.de
Mon Sep 3 14:30:34 EDT 2012

Hi Renato,

let me first say that I personally don't use docbook at all, thus I
can't help much with that.

> I thought to moinmoin, because I need that everyone contribute to the manual.

That's possible, wikis are for collaboration.

Don't expect too much support for the docbook side of things, though
(except exporting the wiki pages to docbook, that should work).

> 1- how does it works? I mean: I Write the pages on the wiki. Then I can 
> export in DocBook


> and then I need to use the DocBook format, edit with 
> some sw that could edit this format,

Docbook/XML is just a xml text format, so you can use any text editor as
well as more special tools (don't ask me :).

>adjust the look and the export it 
> from this DocBook sw in some different format (.pdf, .html...)

Yes, that is about the idea. For docbook toolchain / processing
questions, I recommend you use some resources of the docbook project
(like FAQs, mailing lists, etc.) - they likely can help you much better
than we can do here.

> 2- I can't find any start guide for moinmoin. I mean somethings that can 
> explain me how to work with it.

Starting with MoinMoin is easy: download it, unpack it, start
wikiserver.py. This is enough for a local install.

For a workgroup wiki, you want a server install, maybe ask someone who
is familiar with server administration / apache / mod_wsgi etc.



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