[Neuroimaging] ECAT images in NiBabel

Andrew Crabb andrew at crabb.org
Thu Jul 25 18:09:52 EDT 2019

Hi -

I'm new to NiBabel.  I'd like to open some ECAT 7 images, but I see that 
while the class `EcatImage` exists, it is not included in 
`all_image_classes` in `imageclasses.py`.  If I add it and try `load()`, 
I get errors that suggest `ecat.py` is written in Python 2 (`next()` is 
called on an iter).  Grepping around for 'ecat' returns lots of 
'deprecated' (coincidence, I'm sure!) and not much else.

Is ECAT still a supported image format?  It's as old as the hills, but 
we have a PET scanner that produces it.

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