[Numpy-discussion] Suggestions for GSoC Projects

jennifer stone jenny.stone125 at gmail.com
Tue Feb 4 13:30:14 EST 2014

3. As stated earlier, we have spherical harmonic functions (with much scope
>> for dev) we are yet to have elliptical and cylindrical harmonic function,
>> which may be developed.
> This sounds very doable. How much work do you think would be involved?
>> As Stefan so rightly pointed out, the function for spherical harmonic
function, sph_harm at present calls lpmn thus evaluating all orders <N. An
initial glance at the code and the algorithm gives me a feeling that it
would be very well possible to avoid that by maybe avoiding the dependence
on lpmn.
Further, we can introduce ellipsoidal harmonic functions of first kind and
the second kind. I am confident about about the implementation of
ellipsoidal H function of first kind but don't know much about the second
kind. But I believe we can work it out in due course.And cylindrical
harmonics can be carried out using Bessel functions.
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