[Numpy-discussion] NEP process update

Marten van Kerkwijk m.h.vankerkwijk at gmail.com
Wed Dec 6 09:23:01 EST 2017

Would be great to have structure, and especially a template - ideally,
the latter is enough for someone to create a NEP, i.e., has lots of
in-template documentation.

One thing I'd recommend thinking a little about is to what extend a
NEP is "frozen" after acceptance. In astropy we've seen situations
where it helps to clarify details later, and it may be good to think
beforehand what one wants. In my opinion, one should allow
clarifications of accepted NEPs, and major editing of ones still
pending (as happened for __[numpy|array]_ufunc__).

I think the location is secondary, but for what it is worth, I'm not
fond of the astropy APEs being in a separate repository, mostly
because I like detailed discussion of everything related in the
project to happen in one place on github. Also, having to clone a
repository is yet another hurdle for doing stuff. So, I'd suggest to
keep the NEPs in the main repository.
-- Marten

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