[portland] Repoze presentation at Portland Plone Users' Group / Portland Pythoneers?

Tres Seaver tseaver at agendaless.com
Wed Nov 21 20:06:53 CET 2007

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Darci Hanning wrote:

> I think it's fair to say that the Portland Plone User's group could be very
> interested in having this talk in Portland and we would love to co-meet with
> the local Python group as well :) I'm going to query Plone group to confirm.


> Do you have an idea of a minimum amount you're thinking of to help defer
> your total costs? We have a small budget at the moment and no real income.
> We might be able to do a bit of fundraising if your needs are above our
> current budget but I'd like to have some idea of what you would need
> minimally for this to work for you all :)

We will definitely be covering airfare to San Francisco and such;  we
would likely want help at least for lodging in the location where we do
a presentation.  Depending on how the set of groups shake out, we might
be either renting a car to drive up (e.g., to Portland and Seattle) or

Hmmm, actually looking at a map, that drive is a little farther than my
fifteen-year-old memory.  ~450 miles from San Francisco to Portland, but
only about 100 from Portland to Seattle?  That makes flying a lot more
attractive:  airfare from SFO to PDX looks to be ~$230 per person.

> Also, are you planning on going up to Seattle to do the same? I'm asking
> because to be honest our turnout to regular meetings has been rather low; we
> hope having you folks give this great talk would boost our attendance (at
> least for that night ;-) So along those lines, another approach would be to
> encourage Seattle Plonistas to come your talk in Portland -- but if you're
> planning to be there as well, that's fine too :) Either way, it will just
> help us with out planning, etc.

I wrote the Seattle group as well:  doing a joint meeting would
obviously be less expensive / stressful, so if that idea appeals to both
groups, we'd be glad to take that route.

> Let me know and I'll follow-up as soon as I hear back from local users :-)

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