[portland] Repoze presentation at Portland Plone Users' Group / Portland Pythoneers?

Darci Hanning darci.hanning at gmail.com
Wed Nov 21 20:44:08 CET 2007

Thanks for the info Tres -- Andrew Burkhalter (from the Seattle User's
group) and I have been talking about a joint meeting in Portland and we
agree that's the best first option. We're going to gather info from our
users to gauge interest, etc. Expect to hear back from us later next week --
if you need to know something sooner, please let us know :)


On Nov 21, 2007 11:06 AM, Tres Seaver <tseaver at agendaless.com> wrote:

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> Darci Hanning wrote:
> > I think it's fair to say that the Portland Plone User's group could be
> very
> > interested in having this talk in Portland and we would love to co-meet
> with
> > the local Python group as well :) I'm going to query Plone group to
> confirm.
> Great!
> > Do you have an idea of a minimum amount you're thinking of to help defer
> > your total costs? We have a small budget at the moment and no real
> income.
> > We might be able to do a bit of fundraising if your needs are above our
> > current budget but I'd like to have some idea of what you would need
> > minimally for this to work for you all :)
> We will definitely be covering airfare to San Francisco and such;  we
> would likely want help at least for lodging in the location where we do
> a presentation.  Depending on how the set of groups shake out, we might
> be either renting a car to drive up (e.g., to Portland and Seattle) or
> flying.
> Hmmm, actually looking at a map, that drive is a little farther than my
> fifteen-year-old memory.  ~450 miles from San Francisco to Portland, but
> only about 100 from Portland to Seattle?  That makes flying a lot more
> attractive:  airfare from SFO to PDX looks to be ~$230 per person.
> > Also, are you planning on going up to Seattle to do the same? I'm asking
> > because to be honest our turnout to regular meetings has been rather
> low; we
> > hope having you folks give this great talk would boost our attendance
> (at
> > least for that night ;-) So along those lines, another approach would be
> to
> > encourage Seattle Plonistas to come your talk in Portland -- but if
> you're
> > planning to be there as well, that's fine too :) Either way, it will
> just
> > help us with out planning, etc.
> I wrote the Seattle group as well:  doing a joint meeting would
> obviously be less expensive / stressful, so if that idea appeals to both
> groups, we'd be glad to take that route.
> > Let me know and I'll follow-up as soon as I hear back from local users
> :-)
> Tres.
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