[portland] OS Bridge proposal date extended

kirby urner kirby.urner at gmail.com
Fri Apr 3 00:50:58 CEST 2009

Speaking of Django and conferences more generally, I'm aware of the
September one coming to Portland.

Djangocon organizer:

> I'm in the process of talking to the Oregon Convention Center in
> Portland to put the conference on September 11th - 15th (14th and 15th
> being sprint days). That will make things slightly more pricey, but it's
> meant to be convenient and we won't need a huge amount of space
> (breakout rooms/open space, 2 conference rooms, food space etc). If you
> have any recommendations let me know.

Steve Holden and I were reminiscing about how the downtown Marriott
maybe had better access to more restaurants (Riverplace etc.), though
of course OCC offers catering.  OSCON just got too big to squeeze into
that smaller venue but Django isn't so huge yet.  OCC may be
configured for smaller events too of course, not claiming to be

Given we're locals and some of us know both venues, if you wanna file
some buzz about where'd *you* would put a conference of say 300 - 500
(around Portland that is), somewhere where out-of-towners will have a
good experience with our fair city, a FOSS Gotham, then I could point
to PPUG as a source of news and views on this topic.  I'm still on the
Chicago list for similar reasons (to tap in to the local jive).

I don't think they're looking for a college, though that's on my radar
for EduPycon.  Like Pacific University maybe?  Something Jeff Rush and
I were talking about (like a subclass of Pycon, but more specifically
for educators).  What do people think about that idea?  Does academia
give a rip about charming our snake these days?  MIT does, but who

Per emails with Selena on the OS Bridge list I'm happy to volunteer as
a point person, for Python-related talks in particular, if you're
looking to schedule one, heads up I might be in touch if she throws me
some bones (candidate write-ups) they might have some questions about
(co-chair is Audrey).

And on the topic of Pycon, here are my Flickr slides FYI.  Hyatt is a
huge venue but we filled it out pretty well.  The conference was very
well organized this year and videos are already coming on-line at the


See ya'll next meeting,


PS: re migrating static 4dsolutions.net to Django:  I've been
persuaded this is ill-advised (too unDjangonic) unless maybe I go the
extra mile and stuff everything in PostgreSQL and serve out through
flatpages, per Dylan's suggestion.

When I *did* get my modified py2html thingy to work yesterday -- a cgi
script for colorizing Python source on the fly (same trick as on my
Google App Engine osgarden.appspot.com -- it was all cuzza mark_safe,
which keeps the rendering engine from turning every < into an &lt;,
evern & into and &amp; etc., good trick to know e.g.:

def color_source(request):
    filename = os.path.join("/home/kirby/djapps/ocn/old/archive/python/",
    thecode = mark_safe(py2html.main(["","-format:rawhtml","-strhtml",
    t = get_template("color_source.html")
    html = t.render(Context({"thecode":thecode}))
    return HttpResponse(html)

where color_source.html is nothing more than:

{% extends "_base.html" %}

{% block title %}
   <title>Oregon Curriculum Network | Source Code</title>
{% endblock %}

{% block bodycontent %}
{{ thecode }}
{% endblock %}

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