[portland] OT: Open Source Bridge call-for-proposals closes end-of-day on 3/29

Igal Koshevoy igal at pragmaticraft.com
Fri Mar 26 09:23:37 CET 2010

The Open Source Bridge 2010 proposals deadline has been extended till
end-of-day on 3/29. This is totally the final deadline. For reals. If
you haven't submitted your talk yet, you've got all weekend to work on it:

There are a ton of really great proposals, you should look at them and
leave comments to the organizers so they know what talks you want to hear:

Here are some of the cool Python-related talks we've received so far:
- "libcloud: a unified interface into the cloud" by Alex Polvi
- "import rdma: Zero-copy networking with RDMA and Python" by Andy Grover
- "Introduction to SnapLogic" by Dylan Reinhardt
- "Data Visualization For Fun and Profit" by Lennon Day-Reynolds
- "GeoDjango" by Chris Pitzer
- "Django 102 - past the introduction" by Chris Pitzer
- "Using Django on the Djob" by Dylan Reinhardt
- "Web Framework Shootout" by Dustin Whittle
- "Why the Plone CMS is a good fit for Higher Education and Research" by
Nate Aune

I'd love to see more!


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