[pypy-dev] Student project ideas

Nick Wilson nick at njwilson.net
Sat Sep 24 02:44:21 CEST 2011

I'm interested in volunteering my time to mentor a small group of senior
Computer Science students at Oregon State University on a project relevant
to the Python community. PyPy definitely qualifies, and I'm looking for
project ideas.

The project would be for their senior capstone class. Groups of 2-4
students vote on the list of available projects and then work from roughly
mid-November to mid-May (along with all their other coursework) to
complete it. The scope of a projects are similar to what you'd assign a
full-time summer intern.

I'm relatively new to the Python community and haven't poked around PyPy
much yet. I see the potential PyPy project list [1] in the developer
documentation. That's very helpful, but is anyone able to recommend some
projects from that list that are about the right difficulty and size?

I have a decent amount of time to work with the students and am looking
for a project I could make significant contributions to as well. So I
should be able to work closely with the students and take whatever they
produce and work it into something usable if they are unable to complete
the entire project.

Any suggestions?


Nick Wilson

[1] http://doc.pypy.org/en/latest/project-ideas.html

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