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Hi Carl:

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>Throwing a prototype out is not the same as giving the prototype a semi-official blessing by packaging it >with PyPy in the stackless module. I agree with Richard.

The only blessing I read out a potential packaging is that the powers-that-be are saying: "it is cool to experiment." However the solution to that is simple: don't package experimental with PyPy but make folks aware it exists. The reason I suggested an experimental branch is two fold. 1) Keeping unendorsed features out of a version of stackless.py that ought to track Stackless Python. 2) Have a central place to experiment with new features and get feedback.

At the risk of this sounding like a rant or being off-topic, it seems to me the big picture that is getting lost is that stackless.py and PyPy makes it easier for individuals to prototype new ideas for Stackless Pythons and probably Python in general. Take join patterns. To date, I have read about join patterns being implemented in Java, Erlang, Scala, ML, Polyphonic C#, and Lua. What gives?

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