[Python-3000] r55359 - python/branches/py3k-struni/Lib/test/test_strop.py

Nick Coghlan ncoghlan at gmail.com
Thu May 17 13:11:20 CEST 2007

(relocating thread from python-3000-checkins)

Brett Cannon wrote:
> On 5/16/07, *skip at pobox.com <mailto:skip at pobox.com>* <skip at pobox.com 
> <mailto:skip at pobox.com>> wrote:
>         Brett> Strop should go when the string module goes.  I don't
>     remember
>         Brett> where the last "let's kill string but what do we do about
>     the few
>         Brett> useful things in there" conversation went.
>     Sorry, I don't read the py3k list (but see checkins).  What about
>     the few
>     bits of string that have no obvious other place to live (lowercase,
>     digits,
>     etc)?  Do they somehow become attributes of the str class? 
> That undecided at the moment.  Guido killed strop as there is a Python 
> implementation so it doesn't affect how to handle the string module.  As 
> of this moment no decision has been made whether to keep 'string' or to 
> kill it.

To be honest, I have never understood the repeated proposals to get rid 
of the string module. Get rid of the functions that are just duplicates 
of str methods, sure, but the module makes sense to me as a home for 
text related constants and other machinery (such as string.Template and 
the various building blocks for more advanced PEP 3101 based formatting).


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