Vancouver Python User's Group meeting Tuesday, May 4

Paul Prescod
Mon, 03 May 2004 21:05:01 -0700

Congrats to Andy McKay on the birth of his daughter Emily. Email him 
directly to see the pictures. Meeting details follow.

This meeting:

May 4, Python in Education

Python is widely regarded as an excellent language for teaching 
programming to students and also to teach to people who already know 
about programming. In addition, Zope is often used as a platform for 
managing e-learning content. We will discuss the role of these two 
products in educational environments. If there is not interest enough 
for a formal discussion then we will retire to a nearby pub for an 
informal one. Afterwards we'll raise a toast to Andy McKay's new baby 
girl and her future education in all things Pythonic. We will also 
discuss our plans for an upcoming conference.

Upcoming meetings

June 1, the Plone: Past, present and future

The long-awaited, many times delayed talk by our own Andy McKay: what is 
Plone and why is it taking over the world?

July 6, the Python Virtual Machine

How does the Python Virtual Machine work internally? What are bytecodes? 
How is code compiled to bytecodes? How are bytecodes interpreted? How 
are types implemented? What do classes look like inside the Python 

  Paul Prescod