ANN: numarray-1.3.0

Todd Miller jmiller at
Thu Apr 14 16:44:16 CEST 2005

Release Notes for numarray-1.3.0

Numarray is an array processing package designed to efficiently
manipulate large multi-dimensional arrays.  Numarray is modelled after
Numeric and features c-code generated from python template scripts, the
capacity to operate directly on arrays in files, arrays of heterogeneous
records, string arrays, and in-place operation on memory mapped files.


1. Migration of NumArray.__del__ to C (tp_dealloc).  Overall

2. Removal of dictionary update from array view creation improves
performance of view/slice/subarray creation.  This should e.g. improve
the performance of wxPython sequence protocol access to Nx2 arrays.
Subclasses now need to do a.flags |= numarray.generic._UPDATEDICT to
ensure that dictionary based attributes are inherited by views. 
NumArrays no longer do this by default.

2. Modifications to support scipy.special.

3. Removal of an unnecessary getattr() from ufunc calling sequence.
Ufunc performance.


1179355 average() broken in numarray 1.2.3
1167184 Floating point exception in numarray's dot()
1151892 Bug in matrixmultiply with zero size arrays
1160184 RecArray reversal
1156172 Incorect error message for shape incompatability
1155538 Incorrect error message when multiplying arrays

for more details.


This release should be backward binary compatible with numarray 1.1.1
and 1.2.3.


Numarray-1.3.0 windows executable installers, source code, and manual is

Numarray is hosted by Source Forge in the same project which hosts

The web page for Numarray information is at:

Trackers for Numarray Bugs, Feature Requests, Support, and Patches are
at the Source Forge project for NumPy at:


numarray-1.3.0 requires Python 2.2.2 or greater.  Python-2.3.4 or
Python-2.4.1 is recommended.


Numarray was written by Perry Greenfield, Rick White, Todd Miller, JC
Hsu, Paul Barrett, Phil Hodge at the Space Telescope Science
Institute.  We'd like to acknowledge the assitance of Francesc Alted,
Paul Dubois, Sebastian Haase, Chuck Harris, Tim Hochberg, Nadav
Horesh, Edward C. Jones, Eric Jones, Jochen Kuepper, Travis Oliphant,
Pearu Peterson, Peter Verveer, Colin Williams, Rory Yorke, and
everyone else who has contributed with comments and feedback.

Numarray is made available under a BSD-style License.  See
LICENSE.txt in the source distribution for details.

Todd Miller             jmiller at

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