Chicago Python Users Group, Thurs Aug 11, 7pm

Ian Bicking ianb at
Mon Aug 8 18:25:14 CEST 2005

The Chicago Python User Group, ChiPy, will have its next meeting on
Thursday August 11th, starting at 7pm.  For more information on ChiPy


* Aaron Lav will talk about Unicode and middleproxy, a proxying web
   application that adds links to definitions of Chinese characters.
* Ian Bicking will talk about distutils and setuptools -- how to use
   Python packages and how to make your own.
* If time permits, Michael Tobis will talk on the pdb module, probably
   along with a "symbolic debuggers, who needs 'em?" discussion.

There will also be time to chat, and many opportunities to ask
questions.  We encourage people at all levels to attend.


This month we will be meeting at Imaginary Landscape at 5121 N
Ravenswood, on Chicago's North Side.  Parking is available.  See the
website for more transportation information.

About ChiPy

This will be ChiPy's (cardinal number) meeting.  We meet once a
month, on the second Thursday of the month.  If you can't come
this month, please join our mailing list:

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