Myghty 0.99 Released

mike bayer mike at
Wed Oct 5 23:30:16 CEST 2005

Myghty 0.99 Released

Myghty is a Python Server Page templating and web framework
designed for large-scale, high availability websites and
applications.  Its conceptual design and template syntax is derived from
HTML::Mason, the widely used mod_perl web application platform.

Myghty serves as an excellent platform for developers to create custom
web applications, as well as a base framework for webstacks (pre-architected
web framework/persistence framework packages).

Since its original release, Myghty has introduced many new concepts
and features not found in Mason, including a rudimentary MVC framework,
WSGI support, threading support and an open-ended rule-based URL resolution
system.  It receives favorable reviews for its ease of use, small footprint,
quick and smooth operation, and great flexibility.

Version 0.99 introduces three built-in Python Paste templates, a connector
for the new Routes resolver which does Ruby On Rails-style URI resolution,
Memcached support for the page caching and session object systems, on-the-fly
configurable global arguments, improved "static source" operation, as well
as an array of bugfixes.

Myghty is released under the GNU Lesser General Public License (LGPL).
Documentation, examples and download links can be found at:

Michael Bayer

mike at

<P><A HREF="">Myghty 0.99</A> - A high performance
Python Server Page templating framework derived from HTML::Mason.

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