[python-committers] Mentoring Office Hours - the idea, and a question

Victor Stinner vstinner at redhat.com
Wed May 16 11:31:26 EDT 2018


I'm usually available between 10:00 and 16:00 in the French timezone
(currently, it's CEST = UTC+2).

A few months ago, I wrote a tutorial and a list of available core
developers... currently it's just me :-D


Maybe this list should be moved in the developer guide?


I chose to put it in my tutorial, since it's less official, and I was
not sure if I should put myself in the official guide ;-)


I also heard the idea of pair-programming using a chat, a video
conference, or something else.

For example, when you work on a bug, do it with a contributor to show
how you work. I never did that before, but I may try ;-)


2018-05-16 9:52 GMT-04:00 Brian Curtin <brian at python.org>:
> Hey all,
> At the Language Summit last week, after Mariatta's talk we had a
> conversation around diversity and how to grow our contributor base, which
> led to someone (Steve Dower?) suggesting we post a sort of "Office Hours"
> list. This would be a list of current core developers who are interested in
> being available at set time(s) for helping mentor newer contributors in our
> community through our process and, if they're interested, mentoring them
> through the process of becoming core developers themselves.
> This "Office Hours" concept is a type of thing that has worked well
> elsewhere, including around the software world, and we have some people
> interested in offering said mentorship, so I would like to move on to
> getting this list up somewhere so we can start doing it.
> With that said, before I go make a PR to the devguide to start iterating on
> the implementation, an important question:
> As this is both an event similar to an in-person meetup and an event meant
> to be a safe space for those getting started, it will explicitly mention the
> code of conduct. As such, it needs a person/persons/list to contact should
> something arise in this context that needs to be handled. What/who should
> that be?
>  * Suggestion 1: use the already in-place core-mentorship-owner at python.org,
> though I can't tell who's on there.
>  * Suggestion 2: Create some new list with a few key people on it.
>  * Suggestion 3: List some direct names. Who?
> As for implementation, there are some tools out there we could possibly use,
> but in the interests of getting something out there I'm just going to make a
> table and fill in some common information, starting with my own. Calendar
> apps and other integrations can come as we figure them out.
> Brian
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