[Python-Dev] Re: [medusa] select, signals, and "interrupted system call" (EINTR)

Jim Fulton jim@digicool.com
Thu, 05 Oct 2000 14:10:42 -0400

Sam Rushing wrote:
> Jim Fulton writes:
>  > The asyncore main loop should check for this error in it's select
>  > call and the select module should make this error easier to check
>  > for.
> It might go better into the event_loop function, which I think of as a
> more user-serviceable part.  [for example, the default loop vs. the
> one in medusa/event_loop.py that supports schedulable events]

Don't you think anyone using select on Unix would want this?
This isn't really an application-specific thing is it?

>  > I presume that this works in Python 1.6/2.0, but I
>  > haven't tried it yet?
>  >
>  > This depends on the structure of select.error values
>  > and requires that we get EINTR from somewhere. (What
>  > should the value be on NT?)
> If it's a big problem, I guess we could use a different default
> event_loop() function for win32 vs. unix.

Or we could put this in the poll function and reraise the error on 
NT, as my change does.

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