[Python-Dev] Patch to avoid conflict with older versions of Python.

Tim Peters tim_one@email.msn.com
Fri, 29 Sep 2000 05:02:38 -0400

[Thomas Heller]
> According to my docs, BindImageEx may not be included in early
> versions of Win95, but who is using that anyway?

> lots of people -- the first version of our PythonWare
> installer didn't run on the original Win95 release, and
> we still get complaints about that.

Indeed, you got one from me <wink>!

> on the other hand, it's not that hard to use BindImageEx
> only if it exists...

I'm *really* going on vacation now, but if BindImageEx makes sense here
(offhand I confess the intended use of it here didn't click for me), MS's
imagehlp.dll is redistributable -- although it appears they split it into
two DLLs for Win2K and made only "the other one" redistributable there
<arghghghgh> ...