[Python-Dev] Birkenfeld's gone

Tim Peters tim.peters at gmail.com
Mon Jan 16 03:46:19 CET 2006

[Georg Brandl -- or so he claimed on January 8]
> today, when two Python developers here had approached me about the PSF, I
> realized that it is time to correct a mistake which I had made over three years
> ago, when I discovered Linux, free software, Usenet etc (I was sixteen at that time).
> I then assumed a different name, partly to anonymize myself as others had advised.
> When I came across Python, I instantly liked it, and since I had interest in
> Open Source development in general, I wanted to try and contribute to the
> development.
> And, as a matter of course, I used my different name for that. When I realized that
> I liked the community and the development of Python very much, I decided to
> "unveil" myself, but I could never overcome myself -- till now.
> I'm really sorry, and I hope you could at least partly understand what caused
> me to act so irrational.

It doesn't really matter, Georg:  by default, Python compares by
object identity, not name.  If _you_ haven't changed, your name
doesn't matter.

Still, it takes real courage to reveal one's true identity, and you're
to be commended for it.  If it will make you feel better, "Aahz" was
born Bartholomew Fortescue Chillington the Third, and I was christened
Griselda Dolores Bignose.  Curiously, I'm not sure Guido even
remembers his true name (but, obviously, nobody would name their kid

I hope that revealing my true name too, and outing Aahz, will inspire
everyone to reveal their secret powers and home planets too.  I won't
be the first, though -- as you've discovered, when you're the first
you get ridiculed ;-).

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