[Python-Dev] ImportWarning flood

Delaney, Timothy (Tim) tdelaney at avaya.com
Mon Jun 26 23:53:49 CEST 2006

Michael Hudson wrote:

> Benji York <benji at benjiyork.com> writes:
>> Nick Coghlan wrote:
>>> Perhaps ImportWarning should default to being ignored, the same way
>>> PendingDeprecationWarning does?
>>> Then -Wd would become 'the one obvious way' to debug import problems
>> +1
> I'm not sure what this would achieve -- people who don't know enough
> about Python to add __init__.py files aren't going to know enough to
> make suppressed-by-default warnings not suppressed.

The change was prompted by developers (specifically, Google developers).
Developers should be able to put -Wd in their automated build scripts.

> The more I think about it, the more I like the idea of saying
> something when an import fails only because of a missing __init__.py
> file.  I guess I should try to implement it...

This is by far and away my preference as well (stating which directories
may have been importable if they had __init__.py in the exception) but
it was shot down in the original discussion.

Tim Delaney

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