[Python-Dev] Problems building Python on OSX 10.4.6?

Ronald Oussoren ronaldoussoren at mac.com
Tue Jun 27 08:40:58 CEST 2006

On 26-jun-2006, at 23:03, J. Jeffrey Close wrote:

> [Bleh, sorry about the subject line on my first post.
> Forgot to edit it before I sent.]
> Hi all,
> I have been trying for some time to build Python 2.4.x
> from source on OS X 10.4.6.  I've found *numerous*
> postings on various mailing lists and web pages
> documenting the apparently well-known problems of
> doing so.  Various problems arise either in the
> ./configure step, with configure arguments that don't
> work, or in the compile, or in my case in the link
> step with libtool.
> The configure options I'm using are the following:
> --enable-framework --with-pydebug --with-debug=yes
> --prefix=/usr --with-dyld --program-suffix=.exe
> --enable-universalsdk

Which sources are you using? The 2.4.x tarballs don't support -- 
enable-universalsdk (and yes, configure won't complain about unknown  
or misspelled options, that's an entirely different subject). Those  
SDKs also don't support mixing --prefix and --enable-framework, the  
prefix argument will be ignored completely. Python 2.5 does support -- 
enable-universalsdk and specifiying other prefixes when using -- 
enable-framework. I have a patch that backports this to 2.4.x, but  
haven't applied this yet because I haven't had time to fully test  
this yet, hopefully I'll manage this week.

BTW. --enable-framework --with-pydebug is all you need, the others  
are either default or deduced from the platform information by  

And completely off-topic: please don't install your own build of  
python as /usr/bin/python. IMHO this is conceptually bad, but more  
importantly Apple uses python in some parts of the OS (PDF workflows  
for example) and this change could well break that.

> I've managed to get past configure and can compile
> everything, but in the link I get the error "Undefined
> symbols:  ___eprintf" .  This appears to have
> something to do with dynamic library loading not
> properly pulling in libgcc.  I've tried with -lgcc in
> the LD options, but that produces a configure error
> "cannot compute sizeof...".

What version of the developer tools are you using? And are you  
building on PPC or Intel?

One way to work around the problems you're having is to install the  
binary install of 2.4.3.

> If I remove "--enable-framework" the complete build
> works, but unfortunately that is the one critical
> element that I need.
> The web pages I've found referring to this range from
> 2001 to present -- still apparently everybody is
> having problems with this.  Does *anybody* here have
> Python built from source on this OS?

Obviously someone must have managed, there's a binary installer for  
the OS :-).  And before you nobody that ran into this problem found  
it important enough to actually tell us about is.


> Jeff
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