[Python-Dev] new Plan 9 (and family) port of v2.7.5

Jeff Sickel jas at corpus-callosum.com
Tue Jun 11 07:57:57 CEST 2013

I have a set of patches I've developed based on the 2.7 branch that provides a working port of Python 2.7.5 to Plan 9 386 and amd64 builds (an arm version is mostly working, but will need a few more updates before being hauled off on the wagon).  Most of the changes, including mkfiles, are local to a Plan9 subdirectory.  There are a few changes to Lib/*.py files specifically site.py and sysconfig.py to make living in a semi-POSIX world tolerable with many current Python modules.

Because Plan 9 does not have shared libraries, we must link in all the C modules we want at build time.  This means that I've included specific targets to pull in Mercurial sources during the compilation and linking phases. That brings us up to a current version of Mercurial 2.6.2.  There is no ssh support for cloning, but we do have a viable version of https: using TLS/SSLv3 that has worked well with bitbucket.  That said, I can prepare a patch from my mq work area and submit it upstream in one of various ways for review.

Is there a preferred method that does not require an initial `hg clone ssh://hg@hg.python.org/cpython`?

acme# pwd
acme# hg sum
parent: 83814:75a6bbf41cc8 plan9 qbase qtip
 update setup base install locations
branch: 2.7
commit: 8 unknown (clean)
update: 37 new changesets, 2 branch heads (merge)
mq:     1 applied


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