[Python-Dev] Maybe, just maybe, pathlib doesn't belong.

Sven R. Kunze srkunze at mail.de
Mon Apr 11 16:48:39 EDT 2016

On 11.04.2016 22:33, Alexander Walters wrote:
> If there is headway being made, I do not see it.

Funny that you brought it up. I was about posting something myself. I 
cannot agree completely. But starting with a comment from Paul, I 
realized that pathlib is something different than a string. After doing 
the research and our issues with pathlib, I found:

- pathlib just needs to be improved (see my 5 points)
- os[.path] should not tinkered with

I know that all of those discussions of a new protocol (path->str, 
__fspath__ etc. etc.) might be rendered worthless by these two 
statements. But that's my conclusion.

"os" and "os.path" are just lower level. "pathlib" is a high-level, 
convenience library. When using it, I don't want to use "os" or 
"os.path" anymore. If I still do, "pathlib" needs improving. *Not "os" 
nor "os.path"*.

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