[Python-Dev] Translated Python documentation

Victor Stinner victor.stinner at gmail.com
Wed Feb 22 07:10:17 EST 2017


I'm a member of the french #python-fr IRC channel on Freenode: it's
common to meet people who don't speak english and so are unable to
read the Python official documentation. Python wants to be widely
available, for all users, in any language: that's also why Python 3
now allows any non-ASCII identifiers:

There are a least 3 groups of people who are translating the Python
documentation in their mother language (french, japanese, spanish).
They tried to make it more official, but their attempt didn't go far
yet. I'm writing this email to propose to officially support
translated versions of the documentation.

For me, the most impotant point would be to give access to the
translated documentation from docs.python.org. For example, have a
dropdown list with available languages.

IMHO a reference in this domain is PHP: PHP documentation is
translated to at least 10 languages. See for example the "Change
language: [...]" list at:


I'm not asking you to take any technical decision here, I'm just
asking for an official general "support" of translated documentation.

References to translated documentations:

Transiflex project:

Français (French, FR):
doc: https://www.afpy.org/doc/python/
source: https://github.com/AFPy/python_doc_fr
mailing list: http://lists.afpy.org/mailman/listinfo/traductions

Japanese (JP):
doc: http://docs.python.jp/3/
source: https://github.com/python-doc-ja/python-doc-ja

doc: http://docs.python.org.ar/tutorial/3/index.html

Previous discussions:

[Python-ideas] Cross link documentation translations (January, 2016):

[Python-ideas] https://docs.python.org/fr/ ? (March 2016)


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