LDAP.SIZELIMIT_EXCEEDED exception thrown erroneously?

Michael Ströder michael at stroeder.com
Tue Dec 4 18:09:23 CET 2001

Nick Reinking wrote:
> David, maybe you can help me.  I've got a really large in-house LDAP search
> engine that I've built, and I've come across something rather unusual.
> [..]
> ldap.SIZELIMIT_EXCEEDED: {'desc': 'Sizelimit exceeded'}

Nick, your application code has to deal with that. It signals that
only partial search results were returned. It's caused by a
server-side configuration limit (which is useful on large LDAP

> However, if I do the same search in PHP, I get just one (relatively small)
> result.  Why is this happening (especially since sizelimit == 0)?

If it's different in PHP then PHP/LDAP is flawed.

Ciao, Michael.

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