Error in LDAP Programming with Python v2.0.0pre04 PDF

Jens Vagelpohl jens at
Fri Mar 29 17:31:06 CET 2002

what i really like about the ZSI TeX sources is that they build with just 
one small dependency on something created by the actual software building 
process (version.tex), you don't have to execute any Makefiles to create 
the docs. that means i can load it into my favorite TeX editor/processor 
and build it in there without any problem.


On Friday, March 29, 2002, at 11:16 , Rich Salz wrote:

> I do not currently have convenient access to a Unix machine with the 
> Python source, but in a couple of days I should have my Linux box back 
> online.  I've written two python manuals -- for ZSI and wizard -- and 
> have basically got it down to a cookbook approach.  Take a look at those;
>  for example, you can find PS PDF and HTML for ZSI, generated from the 
> TeX input at
> If that's of interest, I can fix things up next week.
> 	/r$

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