Win32 Binaries?

Michael Ströder michael at
Wed Aug 20 11:57:00 CEST 2003

Mauro Cicognini wrote:
> it looks like I do have a setup.cfg that builds correctly under win32.

Thanks for working on it.

> (BTW Michael, how would you let the different setp.cfg versions 
> co-exist?

I think Build/ is the right place.

> Should we put the Win32 one under the Win32 directory?

No. Now that everything seems to work with DistUtils I'd like to abandon 
this directory completely.

> That 
> particular directory used to host the old build files that I had cobbled 
> together manually to build python-ldap 1.x. In fact I could also provide 
> the new versions of those, for those folks who are more comfortable with 
> the GUI

No. We should stick with one way which is DistUtils.

> I did have to extend a bit; I attach the unified diff here.

Hmm, can web apply changes one-by-one? I'd really like to see in the diff 
what was changed.

> In fact, I also think that it's better to put the whole of "ldap" and 
> "ldap.schema" as "packages" (in distutils jargon) rather than inserting 
> every individual file by hand into as a "module".

I already tried this to avoid DistUtils warning messages. Unfortunately this 
doesn't work with Python versions prior 2.3.

error: build_py: supplying both 'packages' and 'py_modules' options is not 

> Many 
> more lines seem to have changed but it's just an artefact of having 
> reformatted the whole file to use consistently 4-space tabs everywhere. 

Hmm, I'd like to see every single change...

> Now, what I have is a nice graphical installer of Python-ldap 2.0.0pre14 
> for Python 2.3.

Note that this is the CVS version. There's no release of 2.0.0pre14 yet.

 > I made it install the SASL DLL.

Which version of Cyrus SASL? Is the name 'libsasl' also version dependent 
like on Linux/Unices (sasl vs. sasl2)?

> So, please anyone interested let me know and I'll mail you the setup 
> exe.

Could you please send it to me personally? I will make it available as 
public download with experimental status.

> I'd attach it here but I doubt that it would be very interesting 
> for the majority of the readers of this list.

Glad you didn't... ;-)

Ciao, Michael.

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