l_dap_search_ext function and AD SIZELIMIT_EXCEEDED exception

Michael Ströder michael at stroeder.com
Mon Nov 3 11:42:30 CET 2003

Patrick Gelin wrote:
> I have had a discution with AD mailing list and it seems I can't modify
> AD parameters to avoid this so I would like to try to modify
> LDAPObject.c::l_ldap_search_ext function in order to receive a partial
> result even if there is a SIZELIMIT_EXCEEDED exception.

Feel free to submit a patch which really makes sense. Note that error 
handling is done through Python exceptions. One has to find a clean way to 
return the partial search results and raise the exception.

> It will be very grateful to you if you show me the better way to do it. 


Ciao, Michael.

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