How to sell Python to your boss?

Petri Mikael Kuittinen eye at
Fri Aug 20 14:09:55 EDT 1999

Brad Howes <bradh at> writes:

> Heck, I gave up and joined a company (moving ~2800 miles) that hired me
> *because* of my Python skills.

I have also received two work offers concerning Python programming. I
wasn't interested in the first one and the second was was such a short
project, that it is not worth to give my current work for it.

It is a kinda funny. When I started to learn Python at the end of last
year, many people laughed at me: "How can you have time and energy to
learn a language that nobody uses and we have never heard of? No
employer uses Python anywhere. Java is so great, the best language,
you better forget Python and start using it...".

It is true that a Java guru might have easier time to find a job (I
have done only a little bit of programming in Java), but there is
demand for Python programmers as well.


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