eff-bot Python book ... revisited

Randall Hopper aa8vb at yahoo.com
Mon Nov 1 10:58:46 EST 1999

Fredrik Lundh:
 |for now, you get a PDF file, which can only be viewed/printed from a
 |Windows box.
 |<flame note="not directed to randall, and shouldn't be read by anyone
 |made of flammable material">
 |and before even more people start whining about me "betraying Python in
 |itself, and especially its Unix roots," note that 1) this book wouldn't
 |exist if it hadn't been for the eMatter initiative, 2) I only wrote the
 |book, not the distribution software, and 3) Python was originally written
 |on a Mac.

I'm sorry you might have interpreted my post that way.  I think it is good
that Python is getting so much coverage in the media, both printed an
on-line (with more coming soon).  This is a good first-start by eMatter!

As a consumer though, I feel incumbant to express my desire for a product
which is very interesting but does not fit my needs.  A consumer-aware
company will gear their product to demand, so they need feedback.  I rarely
use MSWindows and do no development in it.  So an on-line, searchable
reference tied to Windows doesn't exactly work.

    I'm sure I could steal the docs out from under their viewing shell, but
I'm not sure all UNIX/Linux users could.  For personal use this sounds like
a reasonable work-around, and I'm tempted.  I assume this doesn't violate
their usage license?

Randall Hopper
aa8vb at yahoo.com

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