The Simple Economics of Open Source

Robin Becker robin at
Sun Apr 23 19:43:12 CEST 2000

In article <3903316C.5D6F1611 at>, Albert Wagner
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>Raffael Cavallaro wrote:
>> Sarcasm aside, I think you miss the point. Those artists least willing to
>> share, most jealous of their "secrets" have always been those who were most
>> successful. Unsucessful young artists are, by and large, quite willing to
>> share ideas, working techniques, etc. It's actually the more established,
>> financially succesful ones, who are not.
>I think you confuse artifice and art.  Talent is not a "secret" that can
>be hoarded or shared.  It is visible in the end product, yet no amount
>of sharing how it was done will allow the process to be duplicated.  I
>think you also are confused about what "successful" means to a talented
>person.  The "commodification" (sorry, Marx) of anything and everything,
>assigning it a dollar value, is at the very root of the mindset that is
>destroying the world. 

I concur wholeheartedly
Robin Becker

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