Upgrading IIS to 1.6 problem....

Manus Hand mjhand at concentric.net
Mon Apr 17 13:58:31 EDT 2000

I run CGI scripts on a real machine, but I also run some on IIS on an NT

To configure IIS to know that .cgi files should run Python, I (long ago)
followed Aaron Watters' instructions, and added a "ScriptMap" parameter
in the Windows registry:
                            .cgi -> C:\Program Files\Python\Python.exe
%s %s

Worked just fine for a good long time.

The other day, I downloaded 1.6a2 and installed it on the PC.  BUT...not
at the
same location -- I installed it in the directory D:\Python16

I figured that changing the above registry entry to
"D:\Python16\\python.exe %s %s"
would be all I needed to do and my Python .cgi code would run using 1.6.

Long story short(er), it didn't work.  My .cgi code still runs using the
1.5.2 version
that is in C:\Program Files\Python.  Honest.  I made the registry change
(I promise) and even rebooted.  Twice to be sure.

Anyone know why my registry change hasn't affected IIS yet?

(Oh, I also -- though this shouldn't matter -- made sure to update my
in my autoexec.bat -- now when I type Python at an MS-DOS prompt, I get

Let me know.  Thanks,

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