Can't reopen eMatter book ... answer = USE Acrobat 4.x [US]

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Sun Feb 20 09:45:04 EST 2000

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> On Wed, 16 Feb 2000 22:15:03 -0500, "Tim Peters"
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> >[posted & mailed]
> >> I bought the 'Standard Python Library' eMatter book by mr Fredrik


> Well after spending an evening on the phone talking to various people
> at Fatbrain I got a new license key (THANKS JAI) but it still didn't
> work. No I got the same error as before: "An error occurred while
> preparing to display this eMatter...." So back to the phone. After a
> while we found out that I'm using the Swedish version of Acrobat 4.0
> and eMatter don't work with any version except the American.
> After downloading the american version and unstalling the swedish and
> installing the american acrobat. Yeee an behold! Everything works!!!
> I_could_have_bought_a_new_book_for_the_phone_money-ly  y'rs  - Anders
I had a slightly similar experience. Crazy error opening problems. [big
black fill boxes everywhere, but text - sort of legible] 
Chasing around, phone calls and email to sort it out. 
Yes I should have posted to this list, but according to the replies I
received, it was confirmed the file was "corrupted" {sorry about that} and
that they would look into it. I waited  and sent some more emails no reply.

I gave up for the time being pretty disappointed. 
Then I chanced back on Frederik Lundh's page and effbot guide link where I
caught the warning about Acrobat 4 requirement. 

Downloaded Acrobat 4 reader and YAY hooray it works!

Shame about the install glitch - but it was well worth the delay...
Really a fine publication whose distribution needs a little fine tuning.

Someone should perhaps look into the various links to the effbot guide and
make sure there is a local _red_ html tag next to it saying: 

"This PDF publication needs US version Acrobat Version 4.x [url]"

- Jason Cunliffe

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