mod_perl and mod_python, is perl better for that task?

Kendall Clark kclark at
Mon Mar 20 19:04:25 CET 2000

>>>>> "Pedro" == Pedro Vale Lima <eq3pvl at> writes:

    Aahz Maruch wrote:
    >> If you don't need to use Apache, you might consider using Zope,
    >> which is a full-blown platform for supporting Python web
    >> applications.  (You could even do what we're doing and proxy
    >> Apache requests through to Zope; it was easier for us than
    >> trying to embed Zope.)

    Pedro> I like Zope a lot. But it just doesn't seem the right tool
    Pedro> for simple sites with lot's of traffic (at least yet).

I have several sites that would benefit from a revitalized
mod_python-like marriage of Apache and Python, which is fairly easy to
install and setup and doesn't use JPython or servlets. In other words,
a mod_python that's very similar to mod_perl, but without all that $,
@ business! :>

    Pedro> Really, could mod_python be as good as mod_perl? There are
    Pedro> more than 400000 site running mod_perl, including sites
    Pedro> with huge traffic like slashdot or imdb. PyApache and
    Pedro> Httpdapy don't seem to be causing much of enthusiasm in
    Pedro> Pythonland. Why? If mod_python could be as good as mod_perl
    Pedro> I think there would be few reasons to use perl.

I think the lack of enthusiasm is because Zope is a lodestone. It
deserves the attention and free, community development it gets, but it
would be a shame, and a detriment to Python long-term, if it
effectively squeezes everything else out of this space. It's good
stuff but it's not perfect for *every* Web application need.

I'd *very* much like to see a rejuvenated and robust mod_python
development effort, analogous to mod_perl.

    Pedro> Are there other reliable ways of using python for high
    Pedro> traffic serving.  Could some of you gurus open the
    Pedro> knowledge book a little? Is it not worth going in the
    Pedro> mod_python direction? Damm, mod_perl seems a really great
    Pedro> solution...

If you hear anything interesting, please summarize for this list. The
PCGI and FCGI stuff might be worth looking at also. I have that on my
list of things to do, but len(myTodoList) -> OverflowError!!

Kendall Clark

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