Splitting comp.lang.python

John Farrell jfarrell at mincom.com
Mon Mar 6 03:07:00 CET 2000

Paul Boddie wrote:
> John Farrell wrote:
> > I suggest
> > the following groups:
> >
> > comp.lang.python
> > comp.lang.python.cgi
> > comp.lang.python.db
> > comp.lang.python.jpython
> > comp.lang.python.tk
> > comp.lang.python.win32
> > comp.lang.python.wx
> > comp.lang.python.zope

> This fragments the discussions far too much, 
>     comp.lang.python            - keep the general group as it is
>     comp.lang.python.gui        - covers Tk, wxWindows, Gtk, Qt, Win32 etc.
>     comp.lang.python.www        - Web programming - CGI, ASP etc.

Yep, fine, let's hope that none of those groups want to split real soon
or we would have to go through this again. What's important is that:

 * volume on individual groups is decreased
 * there are sensible ways to expand the namespace.

Your comp.lang.python.www is a better name than my comp.lang.python.cgi.

> too-much-time-deciding-where-to-post-means-too-little-time-posting-ly y'rs,

Is that bad?

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