Facilities Management software

Thu Aug 23 07:42:08 CEST 2001


we are currently useing a sw 'Advanced Help Desk' (CA) which
is a sort of Object Ori. Framework for the inter-organization
helpdesk tasks. The IT req is currently automated. Though
FM will also be interesting to be added to it's tasks.

I am more involved in customisation of this OO framework sw 
and from what I have seen, has a fairly clean design.

this effort seems interesting, if only to learn python to me.
btw AHD uses, rdbms in backend, a java OR web-clnt to connect
to the AHD server to log calls update them etc.


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> G'Day Kenneth
> I think that starting simple might be the go.  If we get 
> something happening
> then the feed back will assist in guiding the development.
> > > -    record job requests
> Get info:
>     Who called
>     Contact details :- phone/email, department
>     What the problem is
>     Where the problem is :- building, room
> > > -    track job requests
> Allocate task: (this would be the facilities staff)
>     to trademan/technician
>     authorised/assigned by
>     priority
>     start date/time
>     finish by date/time
> > >-    provide feedback to job requester
> Email response back outlining when task allocated and to whom?
> > > -    close job request
> On completion by trade, record
>     Time taken hours/minutes
>     material cost $
>     email to originator that the task is complete
> > > -    enter additional data on job
> Allocate to budget
> record misc. info if any
> > > -    trends and histories
> Be able to generate reports in a freeform manner i.e. no 
> predefined reports
> > This is exactly what we want, but we need to have the 
> details more specific,
> > so we could work on the process model.
> >
> > cheers, Kenneth
> Is this what you wanted?
> Bart
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