Lists of attributes

Brian Quinlan brian at
Thu Dec 6 22:31:17 EST 2001

Bruce wrote:
> >__subclasses__ was added very recently (8 weeks, 3 days to be
> > exact) so it might not be in your Python build (when you start 
> > Python, it reports its build date so you can check).
> Aha! Now, is it possible to install two different versions of
> Python on my Win98 machine at the same time? I ask because I need
> to run the ActiveState build for Python-COM stuff...

Yes, it is possible. What version of ActivePython do you currently have
installed (I work for ActiveState, BTW)? 

You cannot have two versions of Python with the same major and minor
version numbers installed at once (*) i.e. you cannot have ActivePython
2.2.0 Alpha and PythonLabs Python 2.2b2. If you have ActivePython 2.2
installed, I would recommend uninstalling it, installing ActivePython
2.1 and then installing PythonLabs Python 2.2b2. You will be able to
using the last stable Python for your Win32 development and the
bleeding-edge release for fooling about.

(*) with a bit of hackery, anything is possible of course, including
(**) only the truly insane (like Guido) try to develop on W9x.


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