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Bryan Mongeau bryan at eevolved.com
Sun Feb 18 09:32:40 EST 2001

shaka wrote:

> Ya, I am planning to write a program to present a project at school.  I
> need
> a language that will allow me to do 3D animations and other animation. 
> And I am struggling between writting the program in java or using python.
> Can someone help me?  If python is the ultimate choice then can you give
> me some instructions on what libraries I should use, because I am quite a
> beginner here>
> Thanks.
> Shaka. Z

Honestly couldn't tell you if Java has anything better for this purpose but 
I can tell you python has what you need.

First you need a real GUI toolkit. Try:

Make sure to compile with OpenGL support.

with the python bindings here:


Grab the openGL bindings:


Now you should be set to look at the funky GL tests that come in the FXPy 
bindings. This should give you a great example of what you can do easily in 

Good luck.
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