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Remco Gerlich scarblac at
Tue Mar 13 09:12:31 CET 2001

Brendhan Horne <brendhanhorne at> wrote in comp.lang.python:
> Everybody thank you for your help you may have broken the one barrier that
> was causing me not to understand this. Now let explain what happened and
> maybe you can clarify something even futher for me.
> I went in to my Python 20 command line interpreter the DOS based one ( am I
> saying that right )  And wrote in what you guys sent me.
> Items in parenthsis () are notes about what I did or what happen nothing in
> those parenthesis was ever typed in.
> >>>while 1:    ( I wrote this in )(press enter key
> ....    print "Hello World"  ( the dots would appear as soon as I entered in
> while 1:)
> File "<stdin>", line 2
>    print  "Hello World"
>        (there is a control symbol under the t in print)
> Indentation Error: expected an indented block

You didn't indent the line with print on it.  You have to put some
whitespace (say, a space) before the print otherwise it won't be a block
belonging to the while:.

In the editor, you probably did write the spaces.

When you put the spaces and hit enter after the print line, it will give
another line with dots, where you can continue the block. Just hit enter and
it will run.

Remco Gerlich

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