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>On 23 Mar 2001, claird at (Cameron Laird) wrote:
>> There are few languages that canNOT be used with
>> Apache.
>I might be talking out of my ass here, in which case Cameron will surely
>correct me. Haskell, Ruby, Icon, Scheme, ML and Smalltalk are all languages 
>which are highly useful, and which no interfaces to Apache exists as far as I
>know. I'd simply go the opposite direction and say
>"there are few things Python cannot talk to. Apache is not one of those"
>(I like to phrase it: Python plays nice with the other kids. And there
>are *always* other kids)
>waiting-for-someone-to-prove-me-wrong-(hurd,plan9)-ly y'rs, Z.
I was elliptic.  And also intuitive--I speculated that
CGI would fit what the original poster had in mind for
"an interface to Apache".  Subsequent correspondence
turned out to confirm that.  So:  out-of-the-box, Apache 
installs with CGI capabilities, and Icon, Scheme, Ruby,
... are all languages I've seen used in CGI (with Apache).

I make the point not as a mere legalism.  Many of the
questioners who come here are thrilled to learn, "Ah, you
already have a standard Linux distribution Apache and
Python installed; all you need is to write ..., and
you'll see your existing configuration already supports
Python-savvy Web service."  That's a lot more exciting
for them than hearing that, with a mere week or two of
study, they can install Zope on their own.

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