How do I get Win32 to locate DLLs elsewhere (not really a Python thing)?

Francois Forest francois_forest at
Fri Mar 16 12:19:23 CET 2001

I got the same kind of problem on WinNT and Tcl80.dll,
I did the same tinkering you did and saw no improvement either.
Finally, I cleaned up the registry of all useless path (a poor install
program had set some C:\RECYCLER\123456xxx\... in many paths).
Do not forget to reboot (actually I logged off).
I suspect one PATH variable to have reached a maximum length.
Anyway, the PATH variables on NT are totally unclear to me

Skip Montanaro wrote:

> I'm trying for the first time to use Python (2.0) on Win98 with external
> DLLs (GTK/GDK/...).  I installed all the various bits and pieces for
> GIMP/GTK and PyGTK, but three DLLs that come with GIMP/GTK are not where
> Windows is searching for them, so I get import errors.  (GIMP runs
> fine.) Using a tool called the dependency walker (something from MS) I
> am able to extend its module search directories to include C:\Program
> Files\Common Files\GNU so it will resolve those DLLS.
> How do I perform that trick so that Microsoft's equivalent of can
> find them at run-time?  I assume there is some key in the registry I can
> set, but I haven't stumbled on anything obvious so far.  I did extend
> the registry key HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Python\PythonCore\2.0
> \PythonPath with the above directory, but that had no discernable
> effect.  I also checked to see what GIMP does.  It has a Path value
> associated with gimp.exe that refers to the DLL-containing directory, so
> I tried adding a string named Path with C:\Program Files\Common
> Files\GNU as its value to python.exe.  That didn't work either.  (Is
> this the equivalent of a Unix environment variable?) Is this another one
> of those "you must reboot for the changes to take effect" things?
> Thanks,
> unix-weenie-ly y'rs,
> Skip Montanaro
> skip at

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