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>It struck me today that it might be a good idea to create a series of
>Python-related standard documents that would be a counterpart to PEPs.
>We already have some documents that would fit into this series:
>        * The DB-API.
>        * The DO-SIG's CORBA mapping.
>        * The SAX and DOM mappings.
>One future topic might be standard interfaces for cryptographic
>functions (hashes, block ciphers, &c.)  Other topics might be metadata
>for Python packages (currently being done in PEP 241), or defining a
>structured text format for docstrings.  IMHO such topics aren't really
>suitable for a PEP, since they don't necessarily have anything to do
>with the core interpreter or language.

I agree with your idea.  I think, though, that it makes a certain amount
of sense to just reuse the PEP infrastructure rather than creating yet
another place to look for information.
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