PyRun_SimpleFile - impossible to call it under Windows?

Owen F. Ransen ransen_spam_me_not at
Sat Mar 3 12:12:29 CET 2001

On Fri, 02 Mar 2001 16:04:54 GMT, ransen_spam_me_not at (Owen F.
Ransen) wrote:

>I've seen that there is an odd bug in PyRun_SimpleFile
>probably because of version incompatibilities in the
>FILE structure and using DEBUG modes in VC6
>I'd like to call PyRun_SimpleFile in the debug version
>of my VC6 program, is it impossible currently with Python 2?

Following up my own message, is a possibility that I
recompile and create my Python lib using the
sources of 2.1b1 ? 

I'd have to link statically to make sure I do not
interfere with outher embedders extenders...


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